Renard Team Wins Quebec Mine Rescue Competition

Stornoway Diamond Corporation is committed to providing a safe and healthy work place by developing, maintaining and promoting safe and productive work practices in all aspects of its business.

Stornoway will abide by any specific &/or mandated health and safety regulations applicable, by jurisdiction, to its operations.


  • Includes safety and occupational health consideration as an integral part of its operation, from design to closure;
  • Takes all reasonable and practical measures to ensure the work place is free of potentially hazardous conditions;
  • Provides information, training, procedures and protective equipment to enable employees to work productively in a safe environment;
  • Ensures that all employees understand and follow established safe work practices and procedures;
  • Ensures that all contractors employed by Stornoway and its subsidiaries abide by this policy;
  • Maintains trained individuals or teams capable of dealing with medical and emergency situations;
  • Improves occupational health and safety through continuous review and improvement of procedures;
  • Ensures that all incidents are thoroughly investigated to eliminate or reduce any future occurrences.



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