Community Engagement

The Stornoway team, along with support of regional volunteers, worked together to make the 7th annual Centraide-Stornoway golf tournament a success. A total of $45,700 was raised for the United Way. This amount is largely returned to the region to assist the underprivileged.

We also continued our collaboration with:

  • Manoir Pierre-Guérette de Chapais
  • The Guignolée de Chapais
  • The Excel Foundation
  • Festival Folifret
  • Mistissini Fitness Challenge
  • Natural Wealth in Discovery
  • Department of Mining Engineering and Geology, Laval University
  • Local organizations in Chibougamau, Chapais and Mistissini
golf tournament


Matt Manson - Northern Miner’s 2016 Mining Person of the Year

Viola R. MacMillan Award for Company or Mine Development

Matt Manson, President and CEO of Stornoway Diamond Corporation, is the recipient of this prestigious award for leading Stornoway’s team in the continuing development of the company’s Renard Project located in the James Bay region of Québec. The team completed its $946 million project financing package this past July, more than 13 years after the project’s initial discovery.

Entrepreneur of the Year 2014: Stornoway Diamond (Canada) Inc.

This award highlights the work of an entrepreneur or a team of entrepreneurs whose company has made significant progress over the past year. This progress can be related to the development of a specific project or to the overall activities of the company.

E3 Plus Award 2013 (Responsible Mineral Exploration): Les Diamants Stornoway (Canada) Inc.

This award recognizes a company for its high level of environmental and social responsibility and its compliance with the best practices outlined in the e3 online Toolkit.

Prospector of the Year 2002: Ashton Mining of Canada & SOQUEM

This award is given to highlight the importance of a new discovery that produced a significant ripple effect on exploration activities with regards to both the property itself and the surrounding area.



Sustainable Development Highlights 2018

2018 Monitoring Report

Sustainable Development Policy

Sustainable Development Reports

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April 24, 2019 2018 REPORT 9.43 MB
March 12, 2018 2017 REPORT 5.59 MB
April 25, 2017 2016 REPORT 3.62 MB
March 13, 2017 2015 REPORT 5.31 MB
April 2, 2016 2014 REPORT 6.08 MB
December 12, 2014 2013 REPORT 5.16 MB
December 11, 2014 2012 REPORT 6.50 MB

Monitoring Reports