We are only as strong as the people around us.

Stornoway is successful because of the support it receives from our partners. Our partners and support systems provide advice and feedback, create initiatives and inspire us to be our best by ensuring we are committed to each other.

We continuously strive to improve our relationships, and we realize that we are successful due to the outstanding support of our many partners.

Thank you!

Ministère de l'Emploi et de la Solidarité sociale
Direction régionale du Nord-du-Québec (10)
129, rue des Forces-Armées, Chibougamau (Québec) G8P 3A1
Tel: +1.418.748.8622 x242
Toll Free: +1.866.840.9344
Fax: +1.418.748.8683

Cree Human Resources Development (CHRD)
32 Amisk Street
Mistissini, Québec G0W 1C0
Tel: +1.418.923.2525
Fax: +1.418.923.2111

La Ruée vers le Nord
958, 3e rue
Chibougamau (Québec) G8P 1R6
Tel: +1.418.748.1141 x228
Fax: +1.418.748.6511

Comité sectoriel de main-d'oeuvre de l'industrie des mines (CSMO)
2065, rue Frank-Carrel, bureau SS1
Québec (Québec) G1N 2G1
Tel: +1.418.653.9254 x225
Fax: +1.418.653.3913

Cree School Board
203 Main Street
Mistissini, Québec G0W 1C0
Telephone: +1.418.923.2764
Toll Free: +1.866.999.2764
Fax: +1.418.923.2072

Commission scolaire de la Baie James
596, 4e rue
Chibougamau (Québec) G8P 1S3
Tel: +1.418.748.7621
Fax: +1.418.748.8021