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Partnership Declaration

In July 2012, Stornoway entered into a "Declaration of Partners" with the host communities of Chapais and Chibougamau. Chapais and Chibougamau are historically important regional centres in civil and mining services.

The Declaration of Partners provides a framework to address the issues and initiatives of common interest such as communications, employment, economic diversification and attracting newcomers to the region.

The partners have agreed to establish the Renard Liaison Committee which has the mandate to cooperate and communicate to allow partners to oversee, maintain and strengthen relationships throughout the life of the Renard mine.

"This ‘Declaration of Partners’ is part of a new economic and social development era based on respect, mutual trust and a common understanding of each of the issues.”

Steve Gamache, Mayor of Chapais, July 2012 Certificate

Photo title: From left: Steve Gamache, Mayor of Chapais, Manon Cyr, Mayor of Chibougamau and Patrick Godin, Chief Operations Officer Stornoway

July 5, 2012 signing of the ‘Declaration of Partners’

Cree Culture

To learn more about Cree culture, please visit:

The Cree Hunters of Mistissini:
The Grand Council of the Crees:
Cree Cultural Institute:

Inquiries and Grievances

Stornoway takes pride in providing a standardized and transparent mechanism for reporting inquiries and grievances by stakeholders to further improve our performance. The procedure aims to provide efficient and timely response to inquiries and settlement of grievances.

The attached document describes the procedure in the following areas:

1. Renard Diamond Project
2. Current activities
3. Area of influence of the project
4. Inquiries and grievances procedures

The procedures are available to Stornoway’s stakeholders and will be reviewed and updated with the participation of the stakeholders and with prior approval of Stornoway’s Vice President, Public Affairs.

Click here to view the full document on Inquiries and Grievances Procedures

To report an inquiry, please complete the Inquiries Form.

To report a grievance, please complete the Grievances Form.

For further information and/or to submit documents, please email: