Stornoway Improves on Diamond Content of Aviat Kimberlites AV1 and AV2 Upper


Stornoway Diamond Corporation (TSX-SWY) and Hunter Exploration Group are pleased to report diamond recovery results from the Aviat Project's AV1 and AV2 Upper kimberlites, located on the Melville Peninsula in eastern Nunavut, Canada.

A total of 48.9 dry tonnes of material from the AV1 kimberlite was collected in 2007 and processed by Dense Media Separation (DMS), recovering 43.41 carats of diamonds for an indicated diamond content of 89 carats per hundred tones (cpht) for stones retained on a 0.85mm square mesh screen. The three largest diamonds recovered from this work were a 0.53 carat colourless macle, a 0.50 carat grey clivage and a 0.49 carat colourless macle.

Previously reported results (Stornoway press release of October 21, 2004) from AV1 comprised 8.54 carats of diamonds recovered from 10.28 dry tonnes of processed material, for an indicated diamond content of 83 cpht (stones retained on a 0.85mm square mesh screen). The largest diamond recovered from this previously reported work was 0.40 carats. Combining this historical result with the new DMS data reported above provides a ‘global' summary for the AV1 body of 88 cpht (51.95 carats from 59.19 dry tonnes).

Also during 2007, a total of 6.24 dry tonnes of the AV2 Upper kimberlite was collected and processed by DMS to yield 4.99 carats of diamonds for an indicated diamond content of 80 cpht for stones retained on a 0.85mm square mesh screen. The three largest diamonds recovered from this work were a 0.30 carat colourless broken octahedron, a 0.23 carat colourless octahedron and a 0.13 carat grey tetrahexahedroid.

Details of the new AV1 and AV2 Upper results are provided below:

Kimberlite Dry wt. (tonnes) +0.850mm +1.18mm +1.70mm +2.36mm +3.35mm No. Stones >0.85mm No. Stones >1.18mm Carats Recovered1 Diamond Content2 (cpht)3
AV1   48.91 1035 485 137 36 5 1698 663 43.41 89
AV2 Upper 6.24 139 73 12 2 0 226 87 4.99 80

1 Represents stones retained on a +0.85mm square mesh screen
2 The estimated diamond content, expressed as carats per hundred tonnes, may not be representative of the overall diamond content of the body due to a number of factors, including location and size of the samples
3 Carats per hundred tonnes

CEO Eira Thomas stated, "AV1 has once again returned consistently high diamond grades. Equally encouraging is the fact that average stone size continues to increase with successively larger kimberlite samples. The diamond content returned from AV2 Upper further evidences the widespread distribution of potentially ore grade diamond bearing kimberlites within the Tremblay corridor, some of which, like the AV267 body, appear to have significant tonnage potential. We remain committed to aggressively advancing our exploration efforts at Aviat in 2008, with a view to outlining a potentially economic diamond resource."

The 486,000 acre Aviat Project is located in eastern Nunavut on the Melville Peninsula and is a joint venture between Stornoway (75.2%), BHP Billiton (14.8%) and Hunter Exploration Group (10%). Exploration activities, including additional drilling at the recently discovered AV9 pipe, are scheduled to begin in Q2, 2008, once weather and logistical considerations are more favourable.

Scientific and Technical Data

Diamond results reported above are based on work completed by Microlithics Laboratories, Thunder Bay, Ontario, an independent mineral process laboratory currently providing services exclusively to Stornoway and its affiliates. The 6.2 and 48.9 tonne samples were processed through a 1.5 tonne per hour (tph) DMS plant designed to recover stones retained on a 0.85mm square mesh sieve. Kimberlite was prepared through a primary jaw crusher, with -10 mm material fed directly into the DMS. All +10 mm material was subsequently reduced through secondary cone crushing. DMS concentrates were submitted for caustic fusion and the residues hand sorted to extract diamonds. As part of Stornoway's ongoing QA/QC programs, DMS tails, concentrate residues and other materials are subject to audit. Any significant changes to recovered diamond grades will be reported when available. Stornoway's diamond exploration programs are conducted under the direction of Robin Hopkins P.Geol. (NT/NU), Vice President, Exploration, a Qualified Person under NI 43-101.

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